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Abloy EL412 / EL413 Narrow stile double swing door solenoid lock.

This lock is generally installed on double action swing through doors although will work on single action doors just as well, it is available in three back sets, fail safe  or fail secure, and in either 12 or 24 volts. The lock may be mounted Vertically or horizontally in either the door or frame. (A door loop will be required for door mounting)

Abloy EL410 / El411 Ansi Narrow stile solenoid lock

This lock is for use in narrow stile aluminium doors, a range of levers, paddle handle, and cylinders are available, also available in fail-safe, fail secure 12v or 24volts

EffEff 351

Fail unlocked, double action electric lock. 12 or 24VDC, monitored. The first double action electric lock to meet the demanding prEN 13637 European Building Hardware standard, the effeff 351 electric lock, releases instantly and is ideal for use on swing doors and fire routes. The specification will satisfy both building control and fire safety officers as it will operate under extreme side pressure in the event of an emergency but is also pressure resistant to intrusion. Due to its triangular shaped bolt the lockcase is non-handed and is suitable for use with both single and double action swing doors, allowing correct function in any mounting orientation. The fail-unlocked lock has been tested to release under a side pressure of up to 5000N – the highest figure for any lock in this class – and exceeds by far the 1000N required to meet the forthcoming standards.

Mag Locks

Standard Electromagnetic Locks

Face to face electromagnetic locks provide positive fail safe locking for remote access and egress control of any aluminium, timber, or steel single action internal door. They offer the simplest and most cost effective solution for electronic locking.
Electromagnetic locks are primarily available in the following versions, surface, timber, mortice, and transom mount, which are incorporated into full width housings. External versions of electromagnetic locks are also available for pedestrian and vehicular access gates. As an option electromagnetic locks are available with either Hall Effect or Door Status Monitoring. Hall Effect monitors the flux of power between the magnet and armature, therefore can detect a foreign body between the mateing surfaces or door mis-alignment if the door drops.  Door Status Monitoring can trigger an ACU ( Access Control Unit) with door status detail.  ie. Door open to long/ Door held open.

A range of holding forces are available depending upon your application and range from 100kg for cabinet locking up to 500kg for substantial single action doors. A versatile collection of brackets are available for inward and outward opening door applications including “saddle brackets” for APG (Glass Door) solutions. Architectural covers are available for the majority of brackets and RAL ( powdercoat paint ) and architecural finishes can be supplied to special order for transom housings and brackets. All eletcromagnetic locks comply with the new EMC regulations (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and carry the CE mark. 


Shearmagnets unlike conventional “face to face electromagnets” do not rely on the magnetic bond to resist the armature being pulled away from the magnet. Steel pins are incorporated into the face of the shearmagnet and “mate” within a recess in the armature providing a shear holding force. Shearmagnets have an integral door position switch which ensures and prevents re-locking until the door has come to rest in the closed position. The majority of shearmagnets have hall effect monitoring as standard. The shearmagnet armature is fully adjustable to compensate for door/ frame gap.  

The locks are primarily designed to be morticed into the top transom of the door thus being suitable for single and double action swing through doors. Shearmagnets are available in a variety of sizes from “micro to standard” depending on door and frame detail and have holding forces ranging from 500kg to in excess of 1350kg. A range of surface housings are available for installation when it is not feasible to mortice the shearmagnet and armature into the door and frame. Shearmagnets can be installed either horizontally into the top transom or vertically if being installed down the side of the door in the conventional lock position. Shearmagnets are high security locking devices therefore it is critical that alignment is correct and that the doors consistently close to a central position to ensure the correct performance of the shearmagnet. It is recommended that when installing a shearmagnet it should be used with a positive centring door closing device. Shearmagnets are EMC and CE approved. 


Electric cabinet locks

We can provide electric locking solution for almost any cabinet locking situation from simple display case to IT Rack cabinets, all of which can be controlled via a range of access control systems, either on or offline.


Solenoid bolt for use in metal or wooden frames and transom sections of single action entrance doors. Operating on 24VDC, this fail locked bolt offers a lock status monitoring switch and door postiton switch. The single bevelled deadbolt will operate as a mechanical mortice latch in the event of power failure, ensuring that security is maintained at all times. When the power is on the bolt will retract, and will deadlock when the door closes. Suitable for use with the CY404PT/404838 PROTEC mortice cylinder and 4067-SAA exit thumbturn to allow key or thumbturn override. Cylinder extension kits are available up to 200mm, this will be required when mechanical key override is required for a fail locked lock through a gate post or door frame.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are a low cost solution to securing a door, in some cases can be fitted using the existing mortice latch, these products have limited functions and in some cases are not suitable for modern online access control systems, generally used on apartment buildings and multi tenanted office blocks when entry is gained via a audio entry system.


The STEP 28E has been designed for the high secutity environment that needs to blend high security access and egress with fire and safety regulations. The STEP 28E will let you open the door manually or by using an automatic door opener.
The typical environment will have back to back access control readers controlling access and egress. In it´s normal state the STEP 28E will be secure from both sides ensuring that users have to use the access control in order to maintain maximum security. In the event of a fire alarm activation one of the solenoids will release and allow egress via the internal handle. Access is still controlled via the access control system.

A true Fail safe/fail secure option.



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Hirsch Mx2,4,and 8 Panels

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