Galaxy 600 Controllers


The model 600 Access Control Panel is the most flexible, dependable integrated access control solution available. Operating with System Galaxy’s state-of-the-art software, the Model 600 can interface with CCTV, DVR, Galaxy’s video verification, building controls, biometrics, time & attendance and visitor registration.

Modular design allows for easy expansion, up to sixteen door controllers can be linked via IP to create a large or small system configuration with unlimited doors.

Up to 50,000 users per cluster, 254 user-defineable time schedules, 1500 access groups, 10,000     event log buffer and native TCP/IP.


Input Power: 12 VDC at 2 amps

Relay Outputs: Form-C contacts 24 VAC, 1.5 amps max

Temperature Range: -10ºC to +60ºC, non-condensing

Communications: TCP/IP

Connections: Two-part connectors and standard DB type connectors

Enclosure: Hinged electrical cabinet with lock

(18″x4″ x 6.25″) (32 1/8″ x 14″ x 6.25″)

Dual Port Interface

Dual Port Interface One Dual Port Interface (DPI) board supports two reader ports on the Galaxy 600 control panels. It provides two relays for each port and supervision of door contacts.

It also provides exceptional surge protection to guard against damage from electrical spikes, and is easily replaced by simply “hot swapping” a new DPI while power is still applied to the controller.

Digital Input/Output Board

The Digital Input/Output (DIO) board controls input and output devices. The 600 Digital I/O board provides Input Supervision and introduces a new feature called Hypervision.

Hypervision is a new on-board feature that provides an added layer of security by protecting supervised inputs from being defeated. Hypervision uses alternating voltages and additional thresholds for the supervised input. The board reports the appropriate event (alarm, trouble, or safe).

Controller Features

Enterprise Capacity Features:

  • 1 to 8 Doors/Ports Per Controller
  • Supports all card technologies
  • 50,000 card/user capacity
  • 10,000 event buffer/control unit
  • 1500 access groups/levels
  • 254 time schedules
  • 256 I/O groups (alarm groups)
  • 254 floor elevator control
  • Native TCP/IP (on-board)

More Features:

  • Distributed network
  • Programmable duress
  • Intelligent Scheduled lock/unlock
  • Programmable temporary cards
  • Unlimited holidays/special days
  • Two-man access rule System Wide
  • Multiple input/output controls
  • Multiple alarm/relay controls
  • Anti-Passback
  • Door interlocking/mantrap

Controller Benefits

Integration Of:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV
  • Video Imaging & Badging
  • Video Verification
  • Facilities Management
  • Elevator Control

More Benefits:

  • Expandable Modular Design
  • Dependable, Built-in Surge Protection
  • Supervised Communication & Alarm Inputs
  • On-site or Remote Operation
  • Supports All Reader Technologies
  • Monitor Alarms, Motion Detectors,and Other Sensing Equipment
  • Protects Personnel, Visitors, Buildings, Equipment, and Other Assets

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Hirsch Mx2,4,and 8 Panels

Available Now !!!! with award winning

FREE Velocity 3.6 Software

Model Mx