Axtrax Software

Axtrax Overview

Rosslare’s PC software products, are essential for most applications, as they provide mandatory components such as multi-client architecture, mirror databases, MS SQL support, a flexible user-defined report generator and more. The software range also feature event monitoring screens, programmable event handling, hierarchical equipment mapping and configuration, graphical maps with living objects, programmable authorization levels and many others, all through a convenient, user friendly interface.

Axtrax Description

  • Hierarchical system structure and configuration
  • Monitoring screens for separate event types with filtering options
  • Programmable full event handling for any event type
  • Programmable event display color options
  • Pop-up user details and picture window per defined events
  • Access groups editor with easy selection of readers and time zones annexation
  • Output and input groups for advanced IO logic support
  • Telephony communication is available using external MD-N33 PSTN adapter (AC-215, AC-225)
  • TCP/IP communication for AC-215 is available using MD-N32 Ethernet adaptor
  • Global anti-pass back rule editor
  • Holiday synchronization to Outlook
  • Credential inventory, user and department editors and enrolling tools
  • Immediate and archive user-defined report generator with export options for Excel, Access, HTML and ASCII formats, custom report design
  • 3rd party database importing and adaptation tools for easy integration
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Quick translation tools for additional languages
  • Automatic operator-defined language
  • Time and Attendance software module for detailed employee attendance management
  • Card printing and Photo ID template generation software module
  • Single-button firmware update to the controllers
  • SDK available for 3rd party software integration
  • MD-14 adapter is required for PC connection to the controller

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