The ExpansE access control system is a state-of-the-art distributed access control system with web based management and control application, which employs the latest technology to meet the requirements of the market.

The ExpansE system’s control panel does not include any on-board terminals, but instead holds a powerful processing unit as well as high capacity network communication capabilities.

The unit’s pure processing capability is the interfaces themselves are installed separately and connect to the main controller using communications only. They provide all the necessary interfaces to the door equipment such as reader ports, lock outputs and signaling inputs.

The platform, since not dedicated and limited to enclosed number of doors, can be used for further processing and applications such as security, automation and more.

Targeted to the small to medium businesses market, this topology bring a solution with:

*         Significantly higher performance and capacity on the account of redundancy, which is less critical in that market segment

*         Flexible topology where the price per door gets lower the more doors are installed

Pure processing central unit, not limited by physical limitations such as maximum number of readers, makes it highly flexible for various application support in its current design as well future additions, such as door interfaces with various formats, IO interfaces and smart management, security management, elevator control, native support for video interfaces and much more. This also makes the central unit easily capable of future upgrading as only firmware upgrades are required. The ExpansE IP also includes on-board support for communications across a TCP/IP network.


*         Distributed Architecture
*         The more doors installed – the lower the price per door
*         Highly scalable – expandable to facilitate extremely large applications
*         Extended reliability

*         Web application system management

*         Users capacity: Up to 128,000 users per controllers

*         Up to 32 nodes per controller

*         Up to 32 doors, 64 readers per controller

*         Up to 128 inputs per controller

*         Up to 128 outputs per controller

*         100,000 history event log

*         TCP/IP and/or RS-485 communication between controller and secondary units

*         512 multi segmented time zones and 128 holidays

*         Compatible with Expanse nodes: EXP1032, EXP2016,EXP2024, EXP2088


*         Enables management of user data, access rights, alarms, strike times, and door modes, from a central location

*         Used for continuous event monitoring, or periodically for batch downloading of event data, as well as administration management and general maintenance

*         Other PC’s on the network can connect to the server

*         Produces reports from acquired data, such as entry and exit times, and by alarm type utilizing advanced filters for user(s), location, and time

User friendly and straight-forward interface provides an easy and fast setup and operation

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