Visitor Management

What can Astute Visitor Management do?

Register and issue badges for visitors, staff and contractors in seconds
Developed in conjunction with Astute Technology and Secure Access Technologies, (Elite UK agent for Hirsch Identive, Galaxy Control Systems, and Rosslare Security Products)

Create and design badges
Eliminate paper forms and storage
Scanning of identification
Fast and secure barcode scanning for visit termination
Pre-registration minimizing visitor wait time
Time tracking of staff
Multiple site support, easily switch between sites
Intranet booking of meetings
Real-time muster

Secure your buildings

Create a front line defence for buildings and staff
Increase safety & security by screening visitors against historical directories
Capture and store photographs and signatures
Enhanced real-time reporting and charting capabilities
AACS integration including event and alarm notification and management
Ability to ban individuals from site
Voice Over IP intercom support
Biometric fingerprinting

Administrate and Manage

Built-in training videos to assist learning
Create unlimited custom user defined fields
Retain visitor records as long as desired
Seamless Integration with access control systems
Client Server platform, deployable across LAN or WAN networks.
Import & export data using the AVM import export wizard
Setup system users and customize features they have permission to access

Person Management

Add visitors, staff and contractors and search these with the directory facility
Temporary and duplicate passes rapidly issued with full reporting audit trail
Data input by card scanner
Image capture by PTZ camera or file
Information securely stored
Full history of visits logged
Hosts can be assigned to a visitor from the staff database
Returning visitors can be quickly retrieved from database and re-enrolled
Multiple visitors can be assigned to individual or group meetings
Visitors can be banned and cards disabled
Online live statistics such as visitors on site, visitors over 8 hours

Meeting Management

Viewable dynamic Microsoft Outlook style calendaring
Hosts can be attributed to meetings
Intranet access in Microsoft Outlook style calendaring web pages


Add groups of people in advance
Wizard style functionality
Search and select from existing visitors within database
Pre-book persons who have never previously visited site and quickly and easily add them as visitors on arrival
Assign a host to the meeting from the staff database
Reception can be prepared for visitor’s arrival and can check-in with a few mouse clicks

Intranet Booking

Staff login to facilitate audit trail
Microsoft Outlook style calendaring
Allows users of the corporate intranet to add, edit and delete visits
Removes the load from reception area and improves speed of enrolment for maximum efficiency


Provides real-time building occupancy figures across multiple sites
In an emergency muster available on portable handheld devices
Available at one click of the mouse in event of fire or emergency
Produces printable list of names and current location within site

Time Tracking

Produce detailed reports of time spent on and off site
Highlight trends
Can be utilized by Human Resources for staff management

Badge Design

A complete graphical design package
Drag and drop
Incorporating many standard graphic design tools
Transparent graphic support
Support for import of all standard image formats
Add every data field relating to a person onto the pass, including user defined fields

AACS integration

Current full support for Hirsch Velocity Class 4 access control system
Alarms/events can be viewed and managed within AVM, enabling system users to see all events, including door forced alarms
Alarms & events can filtered by individual input and output and by site, these filtered events can be attributed to specific AVM users allowing customisation
Ability to update card and person data stored within Velocity


Fully customisable reports
Advanced chart reporting
ODBC compliant database to allow users to create their own reports
Full audit trail available on lost, temporary and new passes

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Hirsch Mx2,4,and 8 Panels

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Hirsch Mx2,4,and 8 Panels

Available Now !!!! with award winning

FREE Velocity 3.6 Software

Model Mx