MIFARE Contactless Biometric sector readers

Mifare® Smart Card Fingerprint Swipe Sensor MOC (Match-On-Card technology) Readers use a Swipe type biometric sensor to check for 1:1 verification of fingerprint data and a biometric template stored in a Mifare® card (as opposed to the controller’s database).

When verification is confirmed, the Reader transmits the card ID to the Access Control panel.

Major Features

  • 3 different designs to accommodate customer requirements and preferences
  • Visual assistance of the correct manner for using the finger swipe using motion animated indicators
  • Optical Back Tamper sensor and Tamper output signal
  • Support Lockout feature for fraud prevention
  • Compatible with Mifare® ISO 14443A 1K and 4K cards and tags
  • Up to 2 fingerprint templates for each Mifare® card/user
  • Programmable card transmission format
  • Programmable LED and buzzer control inputs


Mifare proximity tag (available in Black, Blue, and Grey).

A vast range of cards and tags to suit all our readers are available.

DESfire Readers

The 815 DESFire reader offers 3DES encryption between a DESFire card and reader, delivering the most secure card transaction process available. It can be configured with various output protocols and programmed with customised encryption keys unique to each customer. The DESFire reader meets the TWIC standard for access applications in the USA.

Legic Reader

Designed to provide the “Lowest Installed Cost” and fits directly onto a UK light switch back box. It is innovative, with a slim profile and has a clip on cover. The cover has a simple “clean” aesthetic appeal and is available in a choice of colours.

The Legic proximity reader is quick and easy to install and fits directly onto a standard UK light switch back box using standard 3.5 mm mounting screws.

The robust moulded housing is manufactured from a tough polycarbonate UV polymer compound making the reader virtually vandal resistant.

MIFARE Outdoor contactless smartcard serial number readers

Available in

  • Euro/Asian Gang Box
  • US Gang Box
  • Mullion
  • Mini-Mullion
  • Micro-Mullion

MIFARE Outdoor contactless smartcard sector readers

The AY-Q6x60 and AY-W6x60 are contactless smartcard Readers, used in access control system solutions. The Readers scan information stored in a specific and protected sector, from a Mifare® smartcard, and send the data to a connected access control system.


Proximity MULTI-COLOUR illumination readers

RGB Illuminated reader presents a new concept in the security market whereby readers display ambiance modes, preconfigured by the organization. The reader is wired to the controller, and can be configured by any panel to display different colours based on specified events via control inputs that connect to the host relay outputs. This most advanced reader adds a dramatic effect to any style-conscious environment.

Major Features

  • 125kHz EM Proximity card reader
  • 26-bit Wiegand output format
  • 16 possible colour schemes


Hirsch’s ScramblePad provides a high security solution to access control. It eliminates the cost and maintenance of cards or other physical credentials. ScramblePad provides a local means to control a wide variety of functions in the facility.

The ScramblePad interfaces to conventional readers and upgrades the readers to dual technology. ScrambleProx and ScrambleSmart consist of a ScramblePad with a built-in proximity or contactless smart card reader, respectively, for a variety of card plus code applications. Both are used with a Hirsch controller.

Mag Stripe Reader

The magnetic stripe card reader is designed for reading standard or high-coercivity magnetic stripe cards.

The reader has a TTL interface with selectable clock/data and data 1/data 0 signaling. A bi-color LED and a buzzer
are standard.

Wireless door interface

The unit is a quick and inexpensive solution to connect remote door devices, such as readers, locks and REX Buttons to an access control unit. The unit utilizes bidirectional RF data communication to relay Wiegand 26-bit reader communication, lock and door relay commands as well as tamper, door monitor and REX messages between the controller and the interface unit. The interface is based on two units per door, one located near the controller and the other near the door.

Major Features

  • Maximum range of 70 meters (230 ft) indoors, up to 200 meters (650 ft) outdoors. Depending on RF related environmental conditions
  • Overall response time of 500 ms when used with the AC-225 controller and readers. Response time depends on RF link quality, the number of doors used and the controller and readerís response time
  • Built-in charger for up to 7Ah backup battery on the Remote unit
  • Compatible with all our readers and with any third party units using standard wiegand format of PIN code and credentials
  • Separate sets of terminals for door and controller connections
  • Case and wall tamper protection. Tamper events from either Near or Remote sides are reported using a Tamper output on the Near unit

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Hirsch Mx2,4,and 8 Panels

Available Now !!!! with award winning

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Model Mx


Hirsch Mx2,4,and 8 Panels

Available Now !!!! with award winning

FREE Velocity 3.6 Software

Model Mx